Cat Grooming


Cat Grooming — The full salon treatment!  
The Groom staff know that every cat is different and has different grooming needs.
From simple baths to custom hair cuts(extra charge) and everything  in between.
We are ready to groom your Kitty!
For more dramatic “Before & Afters” please see our Picture Gallery.
(Our Kitty model is Figlet Thomlison)
Kitties are sometimes a little nervous when they come in for a “New-Doo”.
So we have a peaceful, calming aquarium to relax all our Kitty clients.
Lion Cut (leave mane, boots, leave tail/pom tail) : $80
Lion Cut w/out bath : $60
Short Hair Bath : $35
Long Hair Bath : $45
Cape Cod (Tummy Shave) : $30
Cape Cod –no bath : $35
Pajama Cut (Lion Cut no mane) : $80
Pajama Cut w/out bath : $60
Fanny Clip : $15
Fanny Clip – no bath : $20
Flea Bath (with cut)

Capstar Pill


: $15 each
Flea Bath Only : $35
Demat (Price for every 15 minutes)

Brush out

: $20

$10 — $20

All our baths include Mani/Pedi (nail trim), clean ears and eyes.

What we DON’T charge for is: Degreasing or Extra Person to hold.
Soothing Fishies for your cat to admire.