Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When you groom cats, do you have to sedate them? And if you do, what can I give them?

It depends on the behavior of your cat. Some cats, they’re a little bothered by the noise of the clippers, but with others, they might not like it, but they’ll keep still when the groomers are working on him/her. In a few cases, there are cats that simply cannot be groomed without a sedative. These types of cats are usually the ones that have a hard time with strangers trying to hold onto them when they’re trying to groom them; and they might bite or scratch because they panic – which is nobody’s fault, because the cat sometimes simply does not like to be held tight. What is recommended for these types of cats is a sedative given by your veterinarian; it is called “Acepromazine Maleate” the 10 mg tablet. The way it works is, usually, you don’t feed your cat in the evening and then give them the tablet first thing before taking them to the groomers. The pill will start working within 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the tolerance of your cat to sedatives). It is best to have them groomed within the hour and a half mark, so that there is no chance for your cat to wake up whilst getting groomed.

2. When I travel, wouldn’t my cat be better off at home in his own environment with a pet sitter?

That is truly up to you. However, you have to take in account that a pet sitter might only come during feeding times. What about the other times of the day? Who will play with your cat(s) during the day? Who will scoop out their litter twice a day? If something were to happen to them at home during the day, would someone be there to check on them right away? Here at Catnip Inn, we can ensure that they will have FREE playtimes throughout the day. Whether it be interacting with other cats or playing with our wonderful staff, your cat(s) will surely get the attention they deserve throughout the day. And should any emergencies were to happen, we would contact you right away and let you know about the problem. There are several veterinary services close-by and there is a live-in caretaker that would make sure that your cats are doing well even at night.

3. My cat needs medication, would you be able to administer them?

Yes, there are staff members that come in early in the morning and later in the evening to administer medication to some of our current boarders. Should your cat(s) need to be given a pill(s), a liquid medication that needs to be taken orally, or an insulin shot throughout the day, we would be able to dispense any medications your pet may need.

4. What is Soft Paws/Claws? And do you apply them?

Soft Paws (for dogs) and Soft Claws (for cats) are vinyl nail caps for pets. Some cat owners use them as the humane alternative to declawing. They are used to protect your furniture from getting scratched up by your cat(s), and they are also used to protect yourself and the people in your household if your cat loves to scratch (even accidentally). They are easy to put on, and can be done at home; but we suggest that if you don’t know how to put them on, to bring them to us so that we can show you how to properly place them on your cats.

5. What would I need to bring when I board my cats?

If it is your first time with us, we ask that you bring in their current vaccination records. Also, there are a few other things that we recommend that you bring with you:
– Cat bed (or blanket)
– Some toys
– Something else that smells like you or like home (like your t-shirt, small blanket, or pillowcase)
– Their food (even though we can provide your kitties with food for an additional $5 a week, we recommend that you bring the brand they’re used to so that it doesn’t cause an upset stomach)

6. How much is it to board my cat(s)?

Please see Cat Boarding for rates.

7. How much is it to groom my cat(s)?

Please see Cat Grooming for rates.


If you have any other questions, comments, or want to schedule an appointment for grooming or boarding, please head over to our CONTACT US page.