Cat Boarding

With over 1,260 square feet of boarding capacity, our facility is more than ready for your kitties! Whatever the size of your kitty family, we have the accommodations.

To make sure your kitties are safe and well cared for, we actually have someone on-site 24 hours a day. This allows us to better provide a comfortable experience for all of our kitties!  In addition, we have 24/7 monitored security. Our units are quite spacious:

A few of Our Spacious Bungalow Units

The “Bungalow”: 4 Feet Deep x 3 Feet High x 2 Feet Wide

The “Highrise”: 4 Feet Deep x 6 Feet High x 2 Feet Wide

The “Executive Suite”: 4 Feet Deep x 6 Feet High x 3.5 Feet Wide

The “Penthouse”: 3 Feet Deep x 6 Feet High x 4 Feet Wide

The “Lion’s Den”: 4 Feet Deep x 6 Feet High x 5.8 Feet Wide

While you’re away…the cats will play!

Making plans for your cat/cats while you are away, is often one the biggest stresses of leaving home. Is the best idea to hire a pet sitter who will schedule to drop in once or twice a day?  Could you beg a favor from a friend? Or should you board your cat? Boarding is often considered the choice of last resort…but not anymore. Boarding is no longer boring now that Catnip Inn has completed its new Purrfect Playroom.

Vicki Hansen, the owner of the Catnip Inn, has created an enrichment experience for her cat guests. The new space allows them to have options, make choices and select alternative activities, while in a safe indoor environment.


The smallest unit we have is PURRFECT for a single cat. It’s small enough to where he/she will be comfortable and not be so overwhelmed with the space, and big enough for them to play in.



For cats who need extra space. Ideal for 2 or 3 cats. It’s spacious enough for them to play in, and the shelves are great hang-outs!


More Space is Better for the Discerning Feline Family Member

The Penthouse is ideal for 2 or more kitties. It has a lot of shelves that they can climb onto and hang about or sleep on.


The Lion’s Den is absolutely PURRFECT for big cat families of 2 or more. However, even 1 cat might enjoy the spacious unit with its very own cat tree condo and plenty of shelves to hang out on!

Vicki hired Lynne Singerman to create a uniquely wonderful space, the Purrfect Playroom.  The goal was to take a bare room that was only 9’ x 14’ and create an environment that could give cats a safe indoor experience that mirrors some of the challenges of being outdoors. With cat staircases, ramps, skyway paths, bridges, tunnels, and peek – a –boo window seats, they have chance to climb, jump, hide and stalk. To view the world from many vantage points and even to take a nap 6 feet off the ground .  The joy of using their cat bodies and minds to decide where to be and how to get there.


Our Purrfect Playroom is PURRFECT for your    Kitty Family


But the best part is the Cats love it!! Even shy cats enjoy having the space to explore. The most stunning testimonial to the success of the Purrfect Playroom is how many cats have to be encouraged to leave the playroom when it is time to go home.”

Catnip Inn and their Purrfect Playroom are available to tour anytime…so come and find out why “Boarding is not Boring”!

Catnip Inn is a Cat only boarding and grooming facility located in Rice Village at 2414 Tangley Houston, TX, 77005. Come see us on our Fan page on Facebook .   If you are interested in having a Purrfect Space for your cat to enjoy at home, call Catnip Inn, 713-523-PURR (7877) and ask our Kitty Staff for details.

Bungalow : $23
High Rise : $33
Executive Suite : $48
Penthouse : $53
Lion’s Den : $65
Day Board/Day Care
(Price Per Kitty)
: $13 – Bungalow
$18 – High Rise
$24 – Executive                Suite
$30 – Penthouse
$45 – Lion’s Den

Each additional cat in the same unit is $10/cat.

We can provide your cat with our house food of PURINA CAT CHOW COMPLETE DRY and FANCY FEAST WET for an additional $5 per week.

Medication charges:  $2 per dosage per day

Insulin injections: $5 per injection per day

Geriatric care prices may vary.

Any regular day after-hours pick-up will incur a $30.00 charge.


HOLIDAY HOURS: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day: We are CLOSED.
Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve: We close at 12:00pm.
HOLIDAY DROP-OFFS and PICK-UPS: Must be arranged in advanced and will incur a $40.00 charge.
NO Drop-Offs or Pick-Ups on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day.

HOLIDAY BOARDING: Minimum 4 nights stay.


Yearly feline vaccinations are required for every type of boarding.